Woman Jumps Into A Lion's Cage And Netizens Are Shocked

Smrithi Mohan
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Internet raised their eyebrows as a video of a woman who jumped into a lion's cage and started dancing in front of it went viral.

How hard is it to go viral, you ask? I'd say very easy. With people around the globe wanting to be known by everybody and to be part of something that goes viral is becoming a trend. A dangerous trend. A trend that makes no sense. Millennials are crazy about the views and shares they get online on their social media pages and it is something that makes them do things that can be at times harmful to their life even. Like when a woman jumps into a lion's cage. Voluntarily.

Recently, the web saw a video go viral of a woman who decided to risk her own life and jump into a lion's cage. Yes, you heard it. She jumped into the cage and teased a real, hungry beast. She got into the cage, greeted the lion and started dancing in front of it. Some say that she had her share of green and smoked up before getting inside the cage. The bewildered animal that tried to move forward, however, did not hurt the demented woman. The irony is that the people outside the cage also sounded calm as the woman inside the cage who seemed to not worry about the lion tearing her to bits.

The fact as to how she got into the cage is unknown. But the lack of security outside the Lion's fence has put the officials of the zoo in a bad light. The woman and the lion were at a distance thanks to a moat that was between them. Dumb luck was clearly on her side as the lion chose to not turn her into his meal.

The internet is perplexed and here's what they had to say. Check them out:

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Finish this sentence to express how to feel! A woman jumps in front of a lion and I _____.

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