Books written by women authors to be republished with their real name

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women authors

25 books written by famous and well-known women authors written under their male pen name to be republished under their own name. The campaign Reclaim Her Name aims at giving these women the recognition they deserve.

It is a known fact that women in earlier times were restricted from living a life that they wanted. Women’s freedom and voice were subdued and oppressed as men found themselves as the leader and face of the society. Despite all the aggression, there were women who spoke their minds out in many ways. They somehow lived a double life and took the courage to take their thoughts to the people while staying unnoticed.

We all know that books have always been a prominent way of communication. Books are something that gave people the power to share their thoughts and protest against ideas they did not agree with. The same book became a saviour for many women who wanted their voices to be heard. They released these books under male pen names to get it published. Working incognito, these women have been able to raise conversations leaving people wondering their true identity.

However, on the 25th anniversary of the Women's Prize for Fiction, 25 titles written by women authors under their male pen names will be republished under their campaign named Reclaim Her Name. In order to contribute to the process of talking about empowerment and helping women get their due recognition, these 25 books will be republished under the writer's original name. These 25 titles include George Eliot's Middlemarch to be reissued under her real name Mary Ann Evans, A Phantom Lover, Indiana etc. The newly featuring cover artwork from the Reclaim Her Name collection has been designed by female designers.

women authors

The full collection can be downloaded as free e-books from the website of Baileys, the sponsor of Women's Prize for Fiction.

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