These Documentaries focusing on Women should make it to your Watch List

Khushboo Shah
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Guneet Monga produced Period: End of Sentence made us all proud when it won the Oscar for best short documentary in 2019. India has been home ground for some great documentaries revolving around women. We have rounded up must-watch Indian documentaries for you

If you love to watch what’s real then documentaries are the way to go! These documentaries show the true situation of women in India. Sati may have been a bygone practice but India is not free of ill-treatment towards women. Ranging from subjects such as being an LGBTQ+ person in India to sex workers to celebrating the birth of a girl child, these Indian documentaries showcase the actuality of India.

The Holy Wives 

Documentary on women of three different communities being exploited in the name of religion. They are called Devdasis which means wives of God.

Gulabi Gang

A story about women in Uttar Pradesh who started a powerful movement against the women abuse and violence to fight with the corrupt judicial system

India's Daughter

Directed by Leslee Udwin and edited by Arundha Singh for BBC's Storyville is based on the story of Nirbhaya, the Delhi rape case which put entire India into shivers.

Mango Girls

A warm story about Dharhara village which celebrates the birth of a girl child with planting ten trees every time a girl is born.

Tales of the Night Fairies 

It showcases the aspirations and conditions of sex workers in the backdrop of Kolkata, India. It takes us on a journey with 4 sex workers and their lives

Menstrual Man

The real-life story of the man who inspired the movie Padman - Arunachalam Muruganantham. He revolutionized the way period was viewed and treated in India.

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Purple Skies 

This story was shot when 377 was yet illegal in India. It takes us through the life of LGBTQ+ person in India and their hardships

Jareena - Portrait of a Hijda

Set in the 1990s, takes us through the inspirational life of a eunuch Jareena and their community in Bangalore. It shows the journey of accepting different individuality without exaggerations.

Ladies Special

Amidst the hustle bustle of Mumbai how women bond on the way back home in their ladies special local train from Virar to Churchgate.

Cheers to these documentaries that celebrate and talk about women who stood up and broke the stereotypes. If we are missing out on any great women-centric documentaries then tell us below in the comment section or write to us at

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