26 Shows that prove women are real-deal in reel world too

Khushboo Shah
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women centric shows

Bossbabes? Badasses? Girl squad? These women centric shows proves that female lead can be more than just a pretty face! Tune into watch some GIRL POWER.

Don't we all love to watch shows where we can draw out inspiration from? Women leads often take a backseat especially when it comes to playing more than a generic face which smiles and nods along. But hey, we have real women who run the real world then why not on reel?

Whether you love mind-boggling mysteries or engulfing dramas, these shows fill all your checklist of interests. Get ready for some sugar and spice and binge-watching into twice as we have got you shows that you just cannot miss!

25 women-centric shows you MUST WATCH!

Orange is the new Black

Grace and Frankie

Jane the Virgin

Four more shots please

Jessica Jones

The Trip

Good Girl Revolt

Girl in the city

Z: The Beginning of Everything


The Handmaid's Tale

Lost Girl

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Agent Carter

Little Women

Citizen Rose


Good Girls

Sharp Object

Seven Seconds

Sex and the City (TV Show)

Nappily Ever After

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the witch


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Gasps, tears, laughter and a turmoil of emotions are what these shows promise along with celebrating women, every kind of women!

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