Woman finds hidden camera in a ladies washroom at Beehive Cafe in Pune

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Beehive Cafe

The safety of women has always been a cause for concern. While the incidents and reports make it difficult to consider any place safe, the metro-cities are thought to be safer. But this latest incident will make you think otherwise. A woman found a hidden camera in the ladies washroom at Beehive Cafe in Pune.

Women and their security have always been a matter of concern. Walking on the road freely without being eve teased or molested, or being at a place without been stared at is a mere dream that has not been turned into reality yet. A woman's nightmare came true when she found a camera in the ladies washroom at Beehive cafe in Pune. The woman who visited the well-known cafe happened to find a camera hidden in the top section of the washroom. On questioning the manager, she did not receive an appropriate answer but was asked to step out and upon reentering the space, the camera was found missing. Pissed, the woman shared the news on her social media platform. Which was shared by the singer Chinmayi Sripaada on her Instagram page as well.

Here is how people reacted to the news:

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This incident that took place at Beehive Cafe in Pune has certainly made one thing certain - women can't stop being alert, even in the spaces that are regarded as safe. What are your thoughts?

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