While it is difficult for some to grasp the meaning of International #WomensDay, Twitter was predominantly buzzing with pride for and about women, and all that they have achieved over the years, at times juggling multiple responsibilities at once.

Thank God for these guys, restoring our faith that sensibility still exists on Twitter, even when stupidity is lurking around everywhere.

Some of the best tweets and memories associated with Women and Women’s Day, will instill a whole lot of pride and respect in the hearts of women all over.

1. Women are the mothers of mankind

2. It takes a lot to be the first at anything. Hats off Ms. Shanti Parwani

3. Ex Chief Justice of India Markandey Katju gives Twitter a piece of his mind.

4. Preach!

5. Right in the patriarchy! Kudos

6. We agree and how…

7. Salute! You inspire many!

8. Beaming with pride!

9. Food for thought

10. And the world is yours…

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