There is always that one guy right? (or girl, don’t nitpick). The one guy who always has to ruin things. Who speaks first, thinks later, and International Women’s Day wasn’t exempt from these stupid #MensDay Twitter activists who obviously haven’t heard of Google.

‘What about #MensDay? Why not #MensDay? Why only #WomensDay?’, these were some of the questions posed by Twitter users who could have their queries answered by a simple Googe search, but NO!

“Stupidity beckons, and I must answer the call.” Check out some of these #MensDay campaigners who will make you want to facepalm you, your family, your neighbours and even your dog!

1. How are we all equal if the other are lesser beings (whatever that means)?

2. Aren’t men the ones who usually forget important occasions?

3. Sab chhodo.. Racism?

4. It’s a holiday? Why am I here then?

5. Is this Tweetbait?

6. *no comments*

7. Google. My. Friend. Google. PLEASE!

8. This tweet has military grade encryption

9. Special Showcase for this.

10. The inventor of everything ?

Dear Men’s Day activists, we have a website for you – Visit now. Like NOW.

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