Woo Young-Woo and Dong Geu-Rami's unique way of greeting each other in Extraordinary Attorney Woo has become a major trend amongst K-drama fans and content creators on Instagram!

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Woo Young-Woo and Dong Geu-Rami

Woo Young-Woo and Dong Geu-Rami's super cute friendship greeting is the latest Reel obsession that you can re-create with your bestie!

K-dramas are highly influential these days. Even if you're not a K-drama fan, I'm sure at some point you've seen someone make a Korean heart in front of you and say 'Saranghae'. Extraordinary Attorney Woo has taken this influence up a notch with Woo Young-Woo and Dong Geu-Rami's special greeting that seemed to have made its way to a plethora of Reels on Instagram. The show has received an out pour of love for its main character, Woo Young-Woo, who is an attorney on the autism spectrum with eidetic memory.

But this K-drama also stood out for how fast it became a trend on social media since the past few weeks. Everyone calls it the 'Woo to the Young to the Woo' trend and there have been so many recreations of the peculiar greeting shown in the series. We love a good female friendship and we love it even more when it brings people together from all over the world to make these small Reels of joy. From K-Pop idols like Jin, Jimin and RM of BTS, to Cha Eun-Woo of Astro also publicly doing the greeting, it was bound that the trend would reach all the way from Korea to India as well!

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Check out these super fun Reels from the on-going trend that'll surely bring a smile to your face!

If you're a Woo Young-Woo fan be sure to hop on this trend with your bestie before it's too late!

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