Working on mental health is positive, says Superwoman

Mansi Mirani
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Famous YouTube celebrity, Superwoman a.k.a. Lilly Singh, made an announcement earlier this week. This was regarding her mental health and that she would be taking a break from YouTube to concentrate on herself.

Although the news came as a bit of a shock for her fans, they proved to be very supportive. In the video that Superwoman released 2 days ago, she talks about how she has been disturbed mentally and emotionally for a while. She mentions not being able to be happy and that she has been neglecting herself for quite some time. Lilly also spoke about how YouTube has changed as a platform and creators are always under pressure to churn out new content so that they don’t lose their audiences.

Here’s what she said:

The YouTube star also posted on Instagram today saying that she is very thankful to people for showing concern.

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Earlier this week I announced a break from YouTube due to wanting to work on my mental health and happiness. I honestly wasn’t expecting the reaction I received. Firstly, I want to say a very deep, heartfelt thank you to all my friends, family, fans and industry members who have reached out with genuine messages of support. Your love and energy has meant so much to me. Reaching out to people in need is absolutely the correct step. Thank you for taking it. Secondly, admittedly, it’s a little strange for me to see my announcement all over the media. Where I live in California, people have just lost their homes in the wildfire and so I don’t consider my break newsworthy in the greater scheme of things. Having said that, I appreciate all of the outlets who have stayed true to my messaging and put mental health in a positive light. My decision was proactive in nature. For the last few months I’ve noticed changes in myself that I don’t enjoy. After long days of working a job I love, I’d sit alone in numbness feeling sad and unmotivated. I would continuously pity myself for being lonely but take no action towards fostering relationships. Small, minor hiccups in my day would completely take control of my mindset and get the best of me. Being overwhelmed replaced being grateful. I complained more, got impatient quicker and didn’t allow space to think about myself, my day, my feelings or what I need. I experienced anxiety in situations I would previously enjoy. Creation became a burden rather than a pleasure. This is why I’m taking a break. I recognize this behaviour and I am taking proactive steps to manage it before things worsen. I’m typing this with a smile on my face because I’m proud of my decision and grateful for your support. To everyone who is concerned, thank you, but also don’t be. This is not the fall of Lilly, rather it is the beginning of her rise. It’s time to take my mind to the gym so it can shine bright once again... ❤️

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I think celebrities talking about issues such as mental health is the need of the hour. Around 80% of people suffering from mental health issues and do not talk about it due to the societal stigmas attached to it. Celebrities like Lilly saying that it is a positive thing will hopefully motivate people to talk about their issues as well.

It is high time our society stops seeing people with mental issues as different and start accepting them.

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