Cricket is one of the most famous and illustrious sports in the world, has been for a long time. But for us Indians, it isn’t merely a sport, is it? It’s an emotion – an emotion that brings out all our feelings. When you’re not busy yelling at your TV screens during a match, you’re making plans to do the same. We’re sure you’d all love to prep for World Cup 2019 with the latest sports channel subscription, enough stock of cold brews and snacks chakna all set to bleed blue with Team India. Alas, with the busy schedules, deadlines, and meetings that run longer than eternity that’s not always possible, is it?

The cricket fever is on and how in the country and you certainly don’t want to miss out on all the excitement. Worry not, fellow cricket lovers, we get it. And so, here’s a list of all the top restobars and lounges in your city who offer Live Cricket Screening during the World Cup Season.

Take your pick and gather all your buds!


  1. February 30

2. Trumpet Sky Lounge

3. Kaala Chashma

4. Rikē- Terrace Bar & Grill



  1. The Darzi Bar and Kitchen

2. Sutra Gastropub

Sutra Gastropub Delhi | Source: Zomato
Sutra Gastropub Delhi | Source: Zomato

3.  Monkey Bar

4. Qbic Cafe & Bar

5. Freedom Roost

Freedom Roost | Source: Zomato
Freedom Roost | Source: Zomato


  1. The Bier Club

2. Arena – Artisanal Brewkitchen

3. Inntense Restobar

4. BierGarten

5. Brooks and Bonds Brewery


  1. Club Barocks

2. Desi Lane

3. The Drunken Monkey

4. Momo I Am

5. Please Don’t Talk