Jofra Archer, the 24 –year old Barbadian-English cricketer, the bowler from England, the man who bowled the Super Over, is getting famous for more than his amazing performance in the World Cup tournament. His tweets from a few years ago are gaining social media fire now, because weirdly, they ALL seem to have come true for the England vs New Zealand final.

From tweeting about ‘not minding a super over’ to ’16 from 6’, Jofra Archer didn’t seem to miss anything. The FIFA saw its ‘Octopus Baba’ that predicted the finals, and now we suppose everyone will turn to ‘Archer Baba’ for cricket! Check out his tweets for yourself:

How can he do that? 

He surely did that.

Oh yes, the struggle was real.

Are you kidding me with this? How could it be SO accurate?!

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Everyone was surprised at England’s win; I don’t think there was anyone who didn’t have there hearts in their mouth!

Boy, did he come out shining for England in this tournament.

And finally, the win was theirs!

The whole incident is eerily humorous and everyone’s waiting to see if any more of his tweets come true in future matches!