We’ve all been envious of visually pleasing bedrooms in movies and TV shows and when better than World Sleep Day to go gaga over how aesthetic and beautiful they are!

When it comes to living the ultimate dream, no one had it better than our main protagonists at least when it came to having really cool bedrooms. Whether it’s subtle pastel colours, or over the top designs and posters everywhere, we’ve all seen bedrooms on-screen and thought that one day I’ll have a bedroom just like this one. A bedroom in a movie or TV show can say so much about the character’s personality and leaves more room for hiding easter eggs here and there. But apart from that, IRL too, good bedroom decor is equivalent to more chances of better sleep quality. Sleeping literally is probably one activity this world collectively loves doing and maybe that’s why we have World Sleep Day in honour of the best thing ever invented. Hitting the bed after a tough day at work is the best feeling ever and looking at these rooms makes you feel like you wish you had something like this to go back home to as well.

Walk in closets, cute fairy lights, never before seen wall decor is something we’ve all picked up from movies and TV shows. Remember when all everyone was talking about was Aisha’s room makeover from Wake Up Sid? Or for movies like Sex and the City and Clueless where clothes were a major part of the room and gave fashion lovers the perfect idea to re-create their dream bedroom? Even teenage sitcoms like Never Have I Ever have been the best combination of teenage obsession and coming of age. 

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So here’s giving you the best inspiration to go to sleep asap!

Wake Up Sid

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham



Dear Zindagi

Never Have I Ever

The Holiday

Sex and the City


Princess Diaries

Mean Girls


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Which of these would you say is your dream bedroom that’ll probably never make you wanna get out of bed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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