All that glitter is not gold, some of it can also be biryani. A UAE restaurant has gone that extra mile and is serving the world’s most expensive Biryani and we can’t stop drooling.

Every foodie and food expert will agree that Biryani is the most divine delicacy in the entire world. The mere fragrance of the flavours is capable enough to transport us and fill our soul with contentment. There is no biryani in the world that will not leave you with a foodgasm. As part of their anniversary, Bombay Borough UAE, a luxury dining space in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), decided to surprise its visitors with the most expensive biryani. It is not only regal with meat, species and rice but is also served with 23-carat edible gold.

The Royal Gold Biryani weighs 3 kg and takes 45 minutes to be plated. Served on a huge plate, the biryani is a celebration with different kinds of rice and different sides packed into gold foils placed on the rice.

The entire plate garnished with a generous amount of 23-carat edible gold leaves is truly a royal platter. Its three variations include Chicken Biryani Rice, Keema Rice, White-Saffron rice, topped with baby potatoes and boiled eggs. When it comes to chicken it includes three varieties of chicken grills- Malai chicken, Rajputana Murgh Sula, and Chicken Meatballs. The platter also includes Lamb Chops and Lamb Seekh Kebab, garnished with mint, roasted cashew, pomegranate, and fried onion. The three side dishes of the colossal platter include Nihari Salan, Jodhpuri Salan, Badami sauce. All of which is topped with almond and Pomegranate Raita.

Check out what the most expensive Biryani looks like:

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