X-Men is one of the longest-running franchises of superhero films. With over 12 films including the original and the spin-offs, the franchise has earned itself a crazy amount of moolah at the box-office and millions of fans around the world. The latest and the last installment of this series is the X-Men: Dark Phoenix that finally got released. Starring Sophie Turner (Yes, everyone’s beloved Sansa Stark) in the lead who plays Jean Grey – a mutant with telepathic and telekinetic powers.

The movie is receiving a lot of negative reviews for its unimpressive storyline, flat plots, and visuals. The movie has been in trouble right from the beginning with it being shot twice and delayed for a number of reasons. The movie had fans and critics from all over the world waiting for it to hit the theatres. And now that it is here, it has managed to impress the loyal fans, the critics and the neutral audience not so much. There is a small section who loved Sophie Turner in and as the Dark Phoenix, there are some who find the movie an average one-time watch and then there are those who find it disastrous. Wondering which side you’ll join after you watch the film? Well, until you figure that one out, here are some reviews that might help you decide whether you want to watch the film (or leave you all the more confused).

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