Check out how KK brought back all our school and college memories with his rendition of Yaaron Dosti as part of the song’s 22-year celebration.

People don’t need the time stone to go back to their school days. All one needs is to play Yaaron Dosti by singer KK and we will be transported to an era of uniforms, backbenches, fights over tiffin boxes, last page scribbles, innocent crushes, and whatnot. Schools were a wonderful place to be and we released that only after we got out and walked into the real world. We often wish to relive all those moments when everything was innocent and beautiful, don’t we?

90s music is the epitome of memories for every kid of that era. Play any song from the time, and we all end up into the souls of our younger version. Indian singer Krishnakumar Kunnath popularly known as KK and his songs bring out the essence of those times. KK’s song Yaaron Dosti was like the anthem for all school and college friends. The singer posted a short version of the song on his Instagram as it turned 22.

There wasn’t a single farewell that ended without the song leaving a bunch of friends sobbing in the corner. The song made us realise how haseen the times were. The song recently turned 22 years old, yes you read it right, 22 years. As a celebration, KK posted a short version of the song on Instagram and made fans slip into nostalgia.

Here’s how people reacted:

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