Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein starring Tahir Raj Bhasin, Shweta Tripathi, and Anchal Singh, is a tribute to 90s Shah Rukh Khan in a most unique way.

There comes a wave in the filmmaking industry that usually takes everyone with it. There was a time for rom-coms and now there is a time for romantic thrillers. But how many romantic thrillers can be one too many that zap out your interest in the genre altogether? And what is it that you can do differently with the same thing that’s everyone is doing that makes you stand out in this pool of ocean? The answer is Siddharth Sengupta’s Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein on Netflix. It poses be as a romantic thriller that undertakes the usual trope of a love triangle from a new lens only to become a dark romantic tragicomedy about movie masculinity.

Vikrant (Tahir) is an average small-town engineering graduate who meets Shikha (Shweta) and falls in love with her. Shikha reciprocates and they both plan towards having a sweet little future together. But Vikrant doesn’t know that Purva (Anchal), the girl he hated so much in his childhood has already fallen in love with him and is back to make sure that they both have a future together. A love triangle, yes? But the only difference is that Purva is the daughter of a famous and influential politician of Bhartiya Suraksha Party (BSP), Akheraj (Saurabh), whose apple’s eye is his daughter who only wishes for one thing Vikrant. And Vikrant wants Shikha which no one seems to care about including Vikrant’s own family considering his father is Akheraj’s accountant.

The 90s Shah Rukh Khan seems like a large influence on the series and it’s not just in the name of the series. From as the romantic Raj or Rahul which Vikrant is trying to be with Shikha but nobody lets him be to trying to become the other Shah Rukh from Darr or Baazigar. Vikrant being set in the state of Uttar Pradesh (often the land of violence) finds himself always falling short of being either of the Shah Rukh as he is just an average boy who is just frustrated after being trapped by Purva and her influential family. Hence if he hurls at the sight of a body being chopped by a henchman and yet wants to fight a girl who has a gun then he can’t do that with a chappal right? So he needs to find other ways to kill her cause after all a girl who cuts off electricity, water supply, network of your house just because you said no to her job offer can’t be that easy to take over.

And this is where the beauty and the uniqueness of Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein lies, in adding a real twist to this whole Bollywoodistic dream world. This idea of love on the run but of a girl with her parents or wanting to become a movie masculine person yet failing at it constantly because of little realistic roadblocks everywhere. The YouTube tutorials, spreading a rumor of being gay or leaking a porn image through fake images, learning how to use a gun, figuring out the dark web to hire a hitman then figuring out how to pay him to cause that’s an expensive job, learning how to cry over your wife’s death, and all of this that Vikrant encounters makes him all the more real, tragic, sad and funny at the same time. And possibly close to becoming whom he hates the most, Purva and her family. And all of this indirectly affects innocent Shikha’s life too. And hence this cliche love triangle takes in a completely new light tragicomedy romantic thriller.

The charm and innocence of Vikrant shine bright because of Tahir Raj Bhasin’s superfluous, and self-serious acting. This in turn makes Vikarnt’s too good to be true dream world a possibility even if for a little while. Anchal Singh as Purva who has this girl-next-door cruelty is pure joy to watch, from being a dangerous father’s queen who only knows how to take things to a girl who only knows romance in this over-possessive way. But Brijendra Kala as a greedy yet good father, Golden (Anantvijay) as a loyal yet truthful friend, and Saurabh Shukla as a savage yet casual politician are all who add in the comedy yet tragedy to this otherwise romantic thriller. Shweta Tripathi with all her running away with her parents, and innocent love for Vikrant is as charming as always.

With its unique style of storytelling, Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein brings in a new lens of dark tragicomedy to romantic thrillers and pin down Bollywood heroism while keeping you hooked and wanting for more the entire time. And the background score of the series spins such a new dark sinister twist to the dancing number of the 90s that it sticks in your head. The ending definitely hints towards a second season but till the time that comes out the first season is currently streaming on Netflix. And to know about what the Janta thought of the show click on the link below!

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