The new Youtube original series helmed by Gaurav Kapur will see content creators compete in a quiz show along with other contestants.

Some of India’s most popular content creators will turn quizmasters, allowing people from across India to play, learn and stand the chance to win big on You V YouTube, a YouTube Original produced by Fremantle. The exciting new series, slated to launch on October 9, 2021, reimagines quizzing, with an entertaining and refreshing new format, shot completely in a virtual setting. The quiz will cover a wide range of subjects from Science, General Knowledge, and Math to English, Travel, Food, and Technology, with a novel and fun gameplay that tests practical knowledge and skills of the contestants beyond simply trivia.

You V YouTube will be hosted by Indian television presenter Gaurav Kapur, who has become a household name across the country as a host, actor, and entertainer, guaranteeing a generous dose of entertainment, friendly banter, and laughs along the way. Questions to the contestants will be posed by YouTube Creators, each of whom is a subject matter expert including Roshni Mukherjee (Science), Gaurav Garg (General Knowledge) Ganesh Pai (Mathematics), Ceema Picardo (English), Arun Krishnamurthy (Environment), Gaurav Chaudhary (Technology), Nidhi Mohan (Health & Wellness) Ranveer Brar (Food), Reena D’Souza (Sports), Sucharita Tyagi (Movies & Music), Rachana Ranade (Finance) and Tanya Khanijow (Travel).

The contestants are selected through an online audition process. On the show they must answer ten questions across ten different subjects, each asked by a different YouTube creator, for an opportunity to win over Rs. 10,00,000.

Sharing her views on the launch of You V YouTube, Aradhana Bhola, Managing Director, Fremantle, India, said, “Fremantle is home to some of the most successful and longstanding game shows worldwide. We are delighted to marry our irresistible entertainment game show expertise with the learning platform available on YouTube to bring this content to audiences. You V YouTube is a unique quiz show that not only brings together some of India’s best creators but also gives contestants a chance to both learn and earn, in a fun-filled environment. The series has been filmed entirely virtually, with cast and contestants participating from the safety of their own homes during the pandemic; a feat that makes us proud. What’s even more gratifying is that whatever sum of money a contestant has won on the show has been matched in donation along with the proceeds of the live play (available to viewers during the premiere episode) to charities working for covid relief.”

“I am really excited about this new journey. Every day on this show is a learning experience for me. The energy of the contestants and the knowledge shared by the Creators is enriching. And after a long time, here is a show that will invoke curiosity, entertain you and make you earn while you learn”, said Gaurav Kapur, the host of You V YouTube.

A seamless infotainment experience will have a lively new player in You V YouTube premiering on October 9, 2021, on YouTube, every Saturday & Sunday at 7 pm.

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