Your Place or Mine was a chance to go back to that comfortable cozy feeling of rom-coms but it left me feeling everything but.

Do you remember the first rom-com you watched? Trust me I don’t either but I do remember how it made me feel – tucked away in a cozy comfortable place where nothing could go really wrong. But lately with all the crime thrillers and experimental films that giddy comfortable feeling of a rom-com is lost somewhere. And it’s absolutely true that with a generation of swiping right and left within a minute that ends up watching a lot but retains almost nothing how do you bring back this genre? It’s a difficult task but it’s impossible! And that’s why the Your place or Mine trailer had me really excited! Because after a long time, an old-school rom-com with veteran actors in this genre was coming back and it put that nostalgic, hopeless romantic within me on cloud nine.

Moreover, it wasn’t just the rom-com or the actors but the concept that totally had me waiting to watch this film when it was released on Netflix. Because to turn the pop culture dating trend into an old-school well-structured oiled machine of a rom-com, now, that seems like a unique idea! But maybe I was expecting too much from my guilty pleasure because I was so disappointed. The trailer to date seems more exciting to me than the film. The structure’s the same- the meet-cute, falling in love but not realizing it, finally realizing and being ready to confess it but a conflict arises, and then finally the chase and confession. What was missing then, you ask? The impact of it all!

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I get that the idea was to keep the film light but how light is too light? Because I feel like the film is too relaxed to care even about itself. Though there are some great moments all around in the film as well as some laughable ones, I loved watching Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher (has he got even hotter?) once again. But unfortunately, when they finally run up to each other at the airport I didn’t feel all giddy and weak in the knees. And that for me is a blow because why would you watch a rom-com if it ends up leaving you all bleh? If you want to enjoy watching beautiful actors in a beautiful set up then Your Place or Mine is perfect.

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