10 YouTube book reviewers who are a dream come true for people who love, live and breathe books.

There are countless videos on YouTube that review beauty products, apparels, games, jewellery and what not! But if you’re a bibliophile and would love for some experts to recommend you great books, you’re at the right place. These YouTube book reviewers love reading just like you and actually make it easy for you to decide from the ocean of amazing books available out there.

We’re here talking about the top 10 YouTube book reviewers currently. So hurry up and go check ’em out!

1. Better Than Food: Book Reviews 
Whether you like fiction, non-fiction, literature, poetry, philosophy and even pornography, this guy is the man for you!

2. Helly
An English graduate from Kolkata. Her dream is to make everyone an avid reader! Want to be inspired? Watch this video by Helly –

3. Little Book Owl
Hailing from the land down under, Catriona wants to inspire everyone to read by sharing her passion for books.

4. Kishan Chotalia

Kishan Chotalia doesn’t just talk about books but he does so in Hindi, giving the desi book lovers a hub to check out the summary of the latest and interesting books out there.

5. Abookutopia
Sasha Alsberg from Massachusetts is #1 NYT Bestselling Co-Author of ZENITH: The Androma Saga. When she isn’t writing, she’s reviewing! She loves reading and isn’t afraid to turn into a complete fan-girl for her favourite books! According to her, here are the books that will simply blow your mind –

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6. Indian Booktuber
Coming from Bhatinda, Punjab, Manpreet loves every and all kinds of books! She loves to review it for her viewers so if you’re looking for exciting multi-genre recommendations, hit her channel up! Wanna try out Hindi books? Here are her recommendations –

7. WhatKamilReads
Coming to you from Poland, he is only about books! He loves to make his videos interactive and his viewers often leave their recommendations and suggestions in his comments that he gladly obliges with.

8. The Book Belle
Working in publishing in London, this 20-something YouTuber has found her calling with books. She talks about fiction, fantasy and history.

9. Jes Reads Books
Jes Marie is a blogger, YouTuber and a gamer! If you’re looking for the new-age nerd, this Jes is the girl for you. Here’s Jes talking about her favourite series of all times –

10. LilyCReads
Another one hailing from Australia, Lily C is the true entertainer-cum-YouTuber that loves to read books. Her videos could include vlogs, book reviews, or random ramblings about anything she’s read recently. She’s recently finished the Harry Potter series for the first time and can’t stop talking about it. Check it out –

11. Sparkles Books
Book reviews, book hauls and absolutely crazy thoughts are what’s in store for you if you head to Rosy’s channel.

GO check them out and get ready for the next book haul!