If you have a cinema geek inside you, then you’d love these 10 YouTube channels!

Films are a lot more than what you see on the screen. Most people don’t care much about the underlying message but some people want to analyze and find the deeper meaning behind films. And the internet has opened up opportunities for people who want to give or take opinions about movies. YouTube channels like Screen Rant bring a fresh perspective to films, while there are other channels that delve greatly into filmmaking, understanding screenplays, giving recommendations, and more.

You may want to look at the variety of content. You can be interested in screenplays and film analysis alike and may be looking for ways to educate and entertain that filmy geek in you. We have listed 10 such YouTube channels below that you should check out if you’re a film enthusiast.

Check this out!

Screen Rant

Accented Cinema

The Film Theorists

Film Riot

The Take

Indie Film Hustle

CineFix – IGN Movies and TV

Tried&Refused Productions

Film Companion

Screen Junkies

You gotta check them all!

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