With Krá Life India, YouTuber BeYouNick is all set to celebrate the streets and street fashion in India.

Indian YouTuber Nikunj Lotia popularly known as BeYouNick has entered the world of fashion with Krá Life India. Nikunj is someone who is among the most popular creators in India. Over the years he has been able to create his own brand with millions supporting his works online. He has his own unique style of creating comedy sketches and daily vlogs that have made him one of the favorites in the digital space. The creator recently became the creative chief of the brand and launched the same in India on Monday. Apart from his funny videos that are super relatable, he is also known for his up funk street fashion.

Nikhunj has always been able to create his own mark with the style that he wears. As he represents a certain style of his own, the creator has now collaborated with the streetwear brand Krá Life India launching his own collection for his fans. Incorporating his passion for emerging subcultures like gaming, hip-hop, street football, graffiti & building the community, the creator looks forward to giving the streetwear culture in India a boost through his brand. He describes the collection to be UNCENSORED, UNAPOLOGETIC, UNABASHED, and ALL ORIGINAL.

Congratulations Nick! And if you wish to be part of Nick’s new world, then you can check out his collection here.

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