Prajakta Koli's song "Par Lockdown Ho Gaya" for her YTFF 2020 Performance is the new lockdown anthem

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YTFF 2020 Performance

Check out YouTuber Prajakta Koli aka MostlySane's new YTFF 2020 Performance video Par Lockdown Ho Gaya. The song talks about how lockdown changed all of our 2020 plans.

YouTubers are nothing less than movie celebrities. Their own content has helped them to create their faithful followers who admire them for all the entertainment they provide online. YouTube FanFest is one event that helps these followers watch their favourite Creators perform live on-stage. This year, however, thanks to the global pandemic, the FanFest 2020 will be held online. They are sharing their YTFF 2020 Performance as part of the event and keeping the hype up.

The year that started off as something that everyone was going to enjoy soon ended up otherwise. People around the world are cursing this year unanimously while fighting the pandemic together. The YTFF 2020 which happens every year with great triumph has now been held digitally. Creators are contributing and trying the best to entertain their fans. Prajakta Koli aka MostlySane also joined a list of creators and shared her YTFF 2020 Performance video with a song. The song titled Par Lockdown Ho Gaya speaks about everything we all have been feeling. From the trip that got cancelled to the hours of work from home, she talks about all of the lockdown problems.

Check out the video here:

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