Yuvaa's #UnGap series hopes to bridge the gap between generations

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Yuvaa's #UnGap series

Continuing their projects to start new conversations, Yuvaa's #UnGap series is all about deleting the gap between generations.

"Papa/Mummy yaar, aap nahi samjoege," has to be the most used sentence from our childhood, it's that child-like. Child-like, because no matter our age, the way we act with our parents and the relationship that we share with them is always one where either believes to not understand the other. And we go on and blame it on 'generation gap' for anything that the other won't understand. But what we don't recognise is that, the whole problem is only because of the lack of communication. Yuvaa's #UnGap series hopes to tackle this as they make some of our favourite creators sit down with their parents and talk about things they have would have otherwise ignored.

When we brag about how good of a parent each of us from this generation will be, it is not because we think that our parents have been bad, it's because we find ourselves to be open about a number of things that we never found an opportunity to discuss with our parents. In Yuvaa's #UnGap series, we will see popular faces discuss the same and more while trying to open conversations that we tend to brush under the carpet with our parents.

Check out the trailer here!

In the first episode, we saw Noor and Sheeba Chadha talk on 'The Digital Divide' as they discuss everything from understanding the differences, fear of being judged by a parent, social media jargons and more. As kids of this digital era, we often feel relatably comfortable sharing anything and everything with our friends because they are going through the same thing. Reels become a way to communicate and stay in touch with your friends. Noor talks about how parents can create a space where kids can open up while Sheeba Chadha encourages kids to communicate more as it is the only way parents will know more about their kids. She mentions how 'the relatability with parents is the classic generation gap in any generation' but despite all the gap, they will always have our back.

The next episode shows Ahsaas Channa and Kulbir Badesron having a chat on 'Dating, Love and Relationships.'

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