10 annoying things you shouldn't do this Diwali!

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10 things you shouldn't do this Diwali

Here's how to watch your step and not do anyone any harm so that we can all celebrate Diwali without any nuisance.

Only a few days are left until we go "Happy Diwali", forget all the stress, and celebrate our hearts. There's a lot to be done - clean the house, decorate it, light up lamps, cook savouries, click some perfectly festive selfies, and whatnot. So much to do and such little time! Obviously, you won't have any time left to read anything on the web. So, before you get super busy, read this article to remember what "not" to do this Diwali. As important as it is to let your hair down and enjoy yourself, it's also important to watch your step and not do any harm to anyone so that we can all celebrate without any nuisance.

Here's what not to do this Diwali!

Say no to firecrackers

Duh! Firecrackers create pollution, noise, and trash. It's no new knowledge that they are made in factories by children who are forced to work in toxic environments. No religion demands burning firecrackers for festivities or devotion. Make your celebrations meaningful and harmless by refusing to burn firecrackers this year and every year ahead.


Don't harass animals

Your celebration should not come at the cost of anyone else's safety. Bursting firecrackers creates air and noise pollution which harms humans as well as animals. It's disappointing that we still have to ask people to not tie firecrackers to animals' tails. There's no joy in doing that, only abuse. Let's celebrate by loving animals, not hurting them.


Don't litter the streets

On Diwali, India lights up! However, the next morning, it resembles a dumpster as the streets are filled with the trash left behind due to the burnt firecrackers, empty packets of sweets, plastic bags, and chemical powders, among so much other crap. Festivals are no excuse to litter the roads. Clean your mess every day regardless of the occasion. Exquisite occasions, in fact, call for beauty all around.


Don't feel guilty about eating

Being healthy should be everyone's priority. However, don't restrict yourself from eating just to maintain your figure. Give yourself the freedom to celebrate guilt-free by eating and feeding.


Don't leave chores up to women

We cleanse our homes before Diwali and decorate them keeping up the tradition of commemorating Lord Rama's return from exile. However, domestic chores are not solely a woman's responsibility. Everyone who lives in the house should contribute to the chores, be it cleaning, decorating or cooking. Work doesn't depend on gender. So, work together and celebrate together!


Don't work and worry about work during the holiday

Every waking day, we work as well as worry about work. On Diwali, mute your email notifications, don't respond to texts by your boss or clients, resist the urge to finish up pending work and most importantly, don't feel guilty about any of it.


Don't drink and drive

Diwali parties are fun! It's lovely to gather with your friends and family and celebrate without worry. However, if you're drinking at a party, don't drive afterwards. The last thing we want is to harm anyone on such a joyous occasion.


Don't eve-tease

On Diwali, streets are bustling till late at night. Nobody wants to stop celebrating, after all. However, everyone and every gender should have the privilege to enjoy freely. Women and other gender minorities also deserve to roam around the city safely on Diwali night. They haven't dressed up for you. They are not inviting any unwanted attention or harm. They are celebrating, and so should you- harmlessly.


Don't buy more than required

Diwali brings the season of shopping and mega sales. Prices are lower and the urge to buy every pretty thing is solid. However, refrain from buying more stuff than required. Don't buy extra clothes, chemical colours, plastic containers, flowers and so many other things if you don't require them. Not only do they put a dent in your wallet, but they also generate a lot of waste and harm the environment eventually. This Diwali, be mindful.


Don't force people to celebrate

Almost every introvert dreads the moment when guests force them to cheer up and chit-chat. Not everyone likes to celebrate loudly and that's okay. In fact, if one doesn't want to celebrate, for whatever reason, it's okay and they don't owe you any explanation. Live and let live.


Don't ridicule son papdi

Unpopular Opinion: Son papdi is a delicious sweet. Stop hating on it. If you don't like it, don't eat it, give it to someone else; it's simple. In this house, we love all mithai equally, okay?


What other things should we avoid doing on Diwali? Let us know in the comments.

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