10 eco-friendly rangoli ideas you could try this Diwali!

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10 eco-friendly rangoli ideas you could try this Diwali!

Diwali won't come with the talk of pollution with these eco-friendly rangoli ideas!

Besides lights, decorations, shopping, gatherings, and a lot more, another thing that comes into play during Diwali is pollution. Every year during this time, pollution becomes a topic of discussion as the air quality deteriorates, and while we focus on not using crackers during Diwali, we often ignore the ritual of making rangolis. The traditional way of making rangolis can be hazardous for the environment as the colors may contain chemicals that are harmful to the soil, plants, and humans who will inhale them. We don't pay enough heed to the quality of Diwali colors as we won't be using them on someone's face but these can still be harmful. Enter eco-friendly rangoli!

What's the alternative to harmful colors? Yeah, we know that Diwali is dull without a colorful rangoli being a part of home decor but going with harmful colors is not the only option you have. Why don't you opt for eco-friendly rangoli this Diwali? All this talk on sustainability during Diwali has helped eco-friendly alternatives emerge and where else would you get better inspiration than social media?

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Try out these DIY rangoli ideas this year!

Are you too going green this Diwali?

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