How are you planning to decorate your house this Diwali?

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Looking for ideas to decorate your house this Diwali? Well, we got it covered for you. Don't miss out on some valuable tips

The thing about festivals is that we get a chance to not only get all decked up but it's also a way of decorating our houses with some lights and diyas. But, what's more, important than going shopping and getting new clothes is getting those festive vibes. The whole point of rangoli, lights, flowers, and diyas is that we decorate our houses and make it look as festive as we can. Well-decorated houses add oomph to festivities. Though Diwali is all about meeting and greeting each other there is numerous ways to celebrate it. It is that time of the year where our moms literally need us to do the famous "diwali ki safai", well now isn't that iconic? Let's admit it this gives our homes a fresh and bright festive look.

After reading about all that's important this Diwali, you also might be looking for ideas that would help you decorate your homes even if it's just lights and diyas, you should decorate your house in style. There are many ideas that can help you enhance your houses' interior and exterior this lovely festival. We thought we'd add a little excitement and lend a helping hand for the upcoming festivities. These Diwali decoration ideas for homes can serve as a final checklist to deck up your home before your guests come calling. To help you put together something we spoke to some decor bloggers who give us some valuable tips and suggestions on decorating your house this Diwali.

Here's what they have to say:

Reshma Kadvath

"It is Waste to Wealth this Diwali for me… I hope Goddess Lakshmi approves. I have incorporated a number of upcycling ideas in the festive decor of my home; be it stitching cushion covers from pretty cloth scraps, using old lehengas as wall decor & making diya holders out of metal scrap and coconut shells. All my gifts this year will be wrapped in banana leaves and repurposed brown paper bags, embellished with old saree borders. Beautiful floating flower arrangements will be made using flower petals, from leftover flowers from a florist. What ever little bit I buy for Diwali, will be sourced from local artisans to support and encourage small businesses to make their Diwali a bit brighter too. Wishing everyone a very Happy & Eco-friendly Diwali."

Shivani Singh

"I like to keep things simple and functional. I tend to lean towards tiny aesthetic details that make big impact. I look for props & ideas that are re-usable. Here are some quick tips that are not only sustainable but light on the pockets too -Convert Old Silk Sarees & Dupattas into cushion covers. You can use these covers all around the year on other festive occasions too. Simply switch and style. Solar ambient flame lights for the balcony, porch or a terrace. Again, can be used throughout the year. They are easily available on Amazon. They charge themselves during the day and has a long battery life. Perfect to set the mood for all the merry making. Homemade fragrances - I love to create home-made infused essential oils with natural elements like cinnamons, oranges, rose petals, etc which can be used in diffusers for a good smelling home. Wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Diwali!"

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