These 10 on-screen siblings will most definitely remind you of your own!

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Here's a list of some of the best on-screen siblings that you and your sibling have related to at some point over the years!

The portrayal of a strong bond between on-screen siblings has been a long-time fascination for film and television shows. If you thought that romance and friendship equations were the only things that stand out then you'll be quite surprised to see how sibling pairs have been the pinnacle of a story numerous amount of times. But with the changing times, Raksha Bandhan is no longer meant for only brothers and sisters. The word 'sibling' itself was never gender specific and neither is being protective of your kin. Sisters can be just as caring and each other's rock as brothers can because at the end of the day a pair of strong-willed siblings can accomplish anything they want!

They say siblings are your only enemies you can't live without. They hit a nerve that no one else can but also mean the entire world to you. You'd wanna scream at each other or fight for the remote but then if someone else from the outside world did the same to your sibling, you'd be the first in line to shield them from all the bad people in this world. So when you see all of this being mirrored on-screen, you feel a sense of nostalgia and start seeing yourself and your sibling in those fictional characters. They become your spirit animals and something that only you and your sibling will find hilarious.

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So this Raksha Bandhan let's look back at on-screen sibling pairs that you resonated with the most.

Aditi and Amit- Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Just like most typical siblings, Aditi and Amit had a relationship where they fought and argued all the time. But they're also there for each other when the other one needs some sense knocked into them. All of us have had that moment of heart-to-heart conversations about life with our siblings right? The conversation that made you realize that maybe your sibling was your first best friend and you two grew part because life happened?


Kabir and Ayesha - Dil Dhadakne Do

Your sibling is the only person you can go to when at times your parents don't make a wise choice when it comes to life. Kabir and Ayesha were each other's go to person for all and any kind of secrets. Kabir was the only one who truly saw Ayesha suffering in her marriage and raised his voice for her in an intervention with their parents. Haven't all of us stood up for our siblings at some point or the other? And I guess we all can agree that food stolen from your sibling's plate tastes 10 times better right?


David and Alexis - Schitt's Creek

Your siblings bring out a side of you that no one else can! Those sassy looks and sarcastic one-liners roll right out of your tongue as soon as you see them. David and Alexis have given us a plethora of humorous dialogues that you can say to your siblings. The duo might not be that affectionate towards each other and accurately portray the awkward hugs we give our siblings sometimes, but at the end of the day Alexis and David gave each other eye-opening life lessons. Not to forget she was the best woman at his wedding!


Pooh and Anjali - Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Anjali has been the pillar for her family since pretty much the start of the movie. She has been a major reason for pampering Pooh and never letting her feel the absence of her parents or feel any loss for that matter. She has always made sure her sister gets all the comfort in the world. They've had their cute banters every now and then but Pooh looks up to Anjali with the utmost love in her eyes. Anjali has been super relatable for elder siblings who've had to become parents for their younger sister or brother.


Jonathan and Will Buyers - Stranger Things

Speaking of siblings who turned unofficial parents, Jonathan Buyers is another example of this case. From moving heaven and hell to find his missing brother to being there for him when their mother went to work, Will and Jonathan have seen some tough times together. But Jonathan has never stopped reminding Will that his door will always be open to come and share literally anything he'd like to. Case in point the most recent scene between them from Season 4 where only Jonathan could see through Will's true feelings and how he was struggling to talk about his sexuality.


Elsa and Anna - Frozen

Probably one of the most popular sister duo, Elsa and Anna are two completely opposite personalities highlighting how we can be completely different from our siblings even after having the same upbringing. But that doesn't stop us from loving our sibling to the moon and back. You might think you have 10 flaws but your sibling might think those are your perfections.


Jon Snow and Arya Stark - Game of Thrones

Even though we eventually learn that the two aren't related by blood, Jon and Arya had a sibling relationship stronger than all of Westeros. One of the major reasons why Arya wanted to learn how to fight was because of Jon and he always encouraged her to learn it unlike how her family said she shouldn't just because she is a 'lady'. He was the one to give Arya her very first sword 'needle' which had such an iconic significance throughout the show. They remind us of how all of us at some point have learnt a special skill from our siblings.


Ross and Monica - Friends

Monica was a neat freak and Ross is obsessed with dinosaurs but the two know each other's weird habits in and out. The duo ranks pretty high when it comes to on-screen siblings that we relate to. From spending all their free time together to having classic back and forth arguments, the two look like every next-door sibling pair you'll meet. And please let's not forget about their phenomenal dance routine! Siblings who dance together, stay together.


Kiara and Kiddo - Dear Zindagi

Kiara and Kiddo are absolutely adorable to each other. Kiara never took out her parent's negligence towards her on Kiddo. She could've totally felt jealous of him given the difference in their upbringing but instead she always thought of him as a bestfriend and took him out for ice-cream. I mean we've all made spontaneous plans with our siblings which turned out to be some of our best memories!


Claire and Mitchell - Modern Family

We live under the same roof as our siblings most of our life but we go on and have families of our own. But that should never stop us from being a call away! Cam and Mitch have never let their busy mom or dad lives to get in the way of their relationship. Calling to dish about other members of the family, deciding which one of them should host the family dinner, or just stay keep quiet and be a listener on the other side of the call, I mean what else are siblings for?


Which of these on-screen siblings are your all time favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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