8 Reel trends you can create with your siblings on Raksha Bandhan

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siblings on Raksha Bandhan

Don't be shy and be those siblings instead who try out these Instagram Reel trends with their siblings on Raksha Bandhan!

Everything in the universe can differ, change and hold a different meaning, but if there's something that remains constant, it's the bond that siblings share, the frenemies who are the constant pain, comfort, love, and hate of our lives. We can be all we want in our lives, conquer the world, and become the most respectable people ever, but we'll always be our same old selves for our siblings. They know how to ground us when we feel on top of the world or hype us up when we're not feeling all that confident.

This has to be the most cherished relationship that humans can have. So, when it comes to being crazy on the internet, there's no one better than our siblings. Instagram has become our go-to place to entertain us, and following Reel trends is a part of it. With Raksha Bandhan around the corner, we decided to make a list of trends you can try with your siblings on Raksha Bandhan. Because why would you not go crazy on a day that's dedicated to your bond?

Reel it with these trends!

The audio cannot be more perfect to piss-off your sibling

This trend has sibling rivalry written all over it

If you're planning on fooling around with your sibling, nothing is better than this

You always need ways to remind people who are the OG good-looking siblings in town

Minus all the mehenat, this looks like a trend you can force your sibling to be a part of

For all the time you and your sibling were a nuisance to your family

Who else to vibe on this song but our sibling?

Time to be silly with your siblings, like always

Hope you have an eventful Raksha Bandhan on Instagram just like IRL!

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