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On World Poetry Day, we listed out some poets on Instagram who we've been loving off late.

Words always have the power to get to us. They make us feel more alive by tapping on our feelings and making them rain with our emotions. That's why we keep going back to literature that dates back thousands of years. The magic of the stories weaved in them never loses its charm. While we still look for stories, another form of literature that everyone enjoys irrespective of their age is poetry. A form of art that celebrates linguistic diversity while expressing the vast phenomenon that is the human mind, poetry manages to touch hearts.

Even the way we consume literature has changed. If there is anything that stayed constant it's our desire to always learn more. Poetry has always been a way that encouraged cultural exchanges and bring revolutions at the same time. It has not just been used to confess one's love but also to highlight the kinds of injustice taking place in the world around us. And it hasn't changed even after years. There are many poets on Instagram who continue to pen down their thoughts through poems or couplets. And we have made a list of a few for you to follow if you are a fan of poems too.

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Here are some of our favourites

Manhar Seth

Priya Malik

RJ Abbas

Gaurav Arora

Vikaas Vermaa

Zakir Khan


Shubham Shyam

Hamza Ibrahim

Yasra Rizvi

Haseeb Khan

Happy World Poetry Day!

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