10 sitcoms you'd love to watch over the weekend

Arushi Dusaj
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We all want to chill and rest it out on the weekend, right? What better than kicking back with some popcorn while watching a good sitcom after a hectic week?

With so many OTT platforms there's certainly no dearth of things to watch. In fact, Amazon Prime recently started its own set of channels right from Discovery to South Indian channels. There's nothing we can't watch anymore. Platforms like Netflix have something to offer for everyone regardless of our preferences. Whether it's re-watching our favorite TV show or watching a new one, we don't have to miss out on any of it. I still re-watch Gilmore Girls most of the time, I mean I love everything about that TV show. The thing about the golden age of digital platforms is that there are so many wonderful series and movies to watch and we no more have to flip channels on Television to find that one good movie or show that grabs our attention. Keeping that in mind we have listed out some sitcoms that you can binge on while you're resting it out on a weekday. What better than watching a good show on a chill and relaxed weekend, right? Don't forget to bring along some friends while you are watching a show.

Treat yourself with some popcorn and a good TV show this weekend!

The Queen's Gambit - Netflix

Bridgerton - Netflix

Gossip Girl - Amazon Prime

Schitt's Creek - Netflix

Good Place - Netflix

The Office - Netflix

One day at a time - Netflix

Great News - Netflix

BoJack Horseman - Netflix

Seinfield - Netflix

Tell us which is you favorite in the comments below.

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