These Feel-Good Shows will definitely put your anxiety aside for a while and fill you up with hope, light, and laughter for a much-needed breather.

We are back into the time when it all feels like crumbling down. Anxiety levels have increased, and we are locked in homes. With each passing day, it feels that the walls are closing in on us. While hearing about the current healthcare situation, covid-anxiety can hit us anytime. We need a breather once in a while. Though stepping out is not a solution, these Feel-Good Shows might act as a gust of fresh air. From providing you a little dose of laughter to romance to a little drama, these shows will help you recharge your batteries and bring a warm fuzzy feeling and the touch of humanism that we somehow are all missing these days.

Well, it is a bit impossible to include all the feel-good shows available on the OTT platforms, we have compiled here the best ones from across the genres. Meanwhile, I put on headphones and watch these, please take a look at these heart-warming shows to brighten your day a little and give you a pick-me-up.

This Is Us- Amazon Prime Video

FRIENDS- Netflix

Little Things- Netflix

Modern Love- Amazon Prime Video

Sex Education- Netflix

Schitt’s Creek- Netflix

Brooklyn 99- Netflix

Gilmore Girls- Netflix

A Good Place- Netflix

Virgin River- Netflix

After Life- Netflix

Romance Is A Bonus Book- Netflix

One Spring Night- Netflix

The Office- Amazon Prime Video

Kominsky Method- Netflix


Hostel Daze- Amazon Prime Video


Parks And Recreation- Amazon Prime Video

Grace And Frankie- Netflix

How many of them have you watched? And even if you have these shows are some gems that can be watched again and again anytime anyplace. Keep yourself a breather with these and if you have some more recommendation send it across to us.

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