11 Instagram Reel trends you can try stat!

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11 Instagram Reel trends you can try stat!

Check out these latest Instagram Reel trends that you can try your hand at!

Scrolling has become a daily unavoidable task and we see a lot while scrolling through our feeds but only a few things make us stop and stare and that's how we get some good trends. Our Instagram feeds get filled with fun because of Reel trends and this week we did see some really fun and entertaining ones. From something as relatable as "The boys" to something as melodious as "Tu Aaja" song trend, this week had it all!

Given how entertaining these trends are, they make us scroll more and more. The Wednesday dance trend, especially the spooky look, the makeover, and the hand movements was a pretty cool trend of the week and it also widely liked for being unique and inspired from a popular show. A lot of songs and remixes made their space in trends this week and to be honest most of them are dope.

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Check out these Reel trends!

The boys

Ride it

Gyal you a party animal

Wednesday dance

Bloody Mary

Snap x Baarishen

Yeh ek zindagi

A gentle sunlight

Tu Aaja Remix

Eyes on you x Zara Zara

Spin Back x Cardboard box

How many of these trends have you already tried?

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