12 social media trends that took over our feeds this week!

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12 social media trends that took over our feeds this week!

Social media trends add the element of fun to our feeds and here are some that made scrolling irresistible this week.

What is social media without trends? And what are trends if we don't have creators to make the best use of them? We are glad about the fact that we have it all and we can always see new interesting trends coming while we are unable to get over the old ones. Not long ago we were laughing at "The Boys" memes but we find ourselves hooked by something else now. Talking about this week's trends, we had some really interesting ones. From dancing on "Tum Tum" to creating on "Party Party", this week's social media trends did get us moving. We felt empowered with the "Flowers trend" and "Mocking bird" was a complete vibe.

Whether it is about dancing or memes, these trends can make scrolling through your feed irresistible. Thanks to all the creators who make the best out of the most mundane things and can scoop out content from the most unexpected places. Who can think of making a meme trend out of a song as soothing as "Kun Faya Kun" ? Social media, that's who! While trends are unexpected, we can always expect an element of fun coming up with them. This trend roundup is all about which trends made us laugh, dance, sing and create this week.

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Check out some trends that everyone grooved on!


Kun Faya Kun

Baaton Baaton me


Escapism X Kill Bill

Mocking Bird

Kaleshi Chori


Sure thing

Party Party

Tum Tum

Collide (TikTok Version)

What was your favourite trend of the week?

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