Beryl Shereshewsky is eating her way through the alphabet in India!

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Beryl Shereshewsky is eating her way through the alphabet in India!

What's better than alphabetically arranged food cuisines? Beryl Shereshewsky takes you on a fun rollercoaster ride with her content!

As kids, we learned our ABCs in a different manner. Today, who would've thought there'd be so many different versions of that on the internet? Though there are so many versions available, the one with all the food is our ultimate favorite. You get this list of new foods to try and also it makes you hungry. Isn't that an absolute win-win? Beryl Shereshewsky takes us through the streets of Delhi and helps us learn the delicious version of ABC!

Watching her Reels will not only make you hungry but will give you multiple options to choose from which leaves you in a dilemma of what to eat! A perfectly arranged food and drink option by Beryl is what we needed but didn't know until she gave it to us. From Alphonso mangoes to Zafrani Pulav, this kind of range will definitely make you crave more! But that's not it! She also educates her audience and explains the food's history. We honestly loved her content around the letter 'O'. Who knew old monk had such an interesting story behind it?

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Your mouth will salivate after checking these out!

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