Jarin Rehnaz shares her last-minute Christmas decor ideas to give your space a festive touch

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These last-minute Christmas decor ideas shared by Interior designer and decor blogger, Jarin Rehnaz are gold!

Christmas is all about families coming together and more importantly receiving gifts from our loved ones. Apart from all these merry and joyful vibes that the season brings with it, what we look forward to is decorating our homes. It's time to turn our home into somewhere that displays all the joy and happiness that we experience. No matter how exciting it sounds, it's also one of the most tiring and stressful parts of Christmas. Getting the tree, finding the ornaments to decorate them, rearranging the house so you can make space for the crib, and all the other decor that comes along with it. And most importantly dealing with the struggle to hide your gifts before the person you bought them for sees them. It's both a joyous and anxious job, tbh! But no matter how much we look forward to celebrating the season, there are many who end up struggling for decor ideas last minute.

Just like Pinterest and Instagram, decor bloggers always have some techniques and ideas to share that end up being useful for the laziest of the lot. Jarin Rehnaz is known for her interior design and artistry and she decided to bestow her artistic ideas to get our homes Christmas ready with her last-minute decor ideas.

Sharing a few of her decor tips, Jarin said, "It's never too late to sprinkle some of that Christmas magic and ambiance around the house. Here are some easy-peasy simple DIY and quick decoration ideas to get inspired from."

Here's some ideas you can try!

A twig tree

Just insert some bare twigs or branches in a pretty vase. You can add some ornaments, dried oranges, family photos to make it into a Christmas display. You can also hang different ornaments in different heights on a single twig for wall decor.


PC: Jarin Rehnaz

A bookish tree

My absolute favorite and for all the book lovers out there, a pile of books arranged as your tabletop tree or full-sized Christmas tree. This makes an awesome alternative.


PC: Jarin Rehnaz

Ornamental centrepieces

Fill glass containers, jars, bowls, and cloches with Christmas balls, beads, bows, bells, salt as fake snow, tiny cars and trees, LED tealights, anything that will add the right festive sparkle.

Candle glamour

Candles are always the perfect last-minute detail to usher the festive cheer. From mason jars to inverted wine glasses in which you can add small ornaments, leaves, jute rope, and many more. Also, dress up those plain pillar candles for the perfect display.


PC: Jarin Rehnaz

2D tree

No time to buy a tree? Stick small bulb lights, string lights, tinsel, or garlands on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. Add some baubles and bells too. Another cool idea is a wooden sticks tree on the wall.

Light up

When in doubt, always add lights. Light up the stairs, main doorway, windows, mirrors, vignettes, indoor plants with bulb or string lights for the right amount of whimsy and seasonal cheer.

Bows and ribbons

They're so versatile for Christmas decor. Along with the tree, add them to your candle display, use them as curtain tiebacks, tie a big fancy bow to the cushions, doorknobs, chairs, and bookshelves.

Natural elements to the rescue

Make dried orange slices as buntings. Cinnamon sticks, pine cones, apples, coffee beans, leaves that are easily accessible can be used for table centerpieces and decorations.


PC: Jarin Rehnaz

Glowing cups

Use paper cups, insert string lights into each cup and use them as a garland. You can color the outer side of the cups with acrylic, use yarn or laces to style them. From Diwali to Christmas, it can always be included.

Small trees

Make those trendy paper cone trees. You can use colored, gift wrapping paper, add a bow or a star on the top, some laces, beads, or yarn. Make a set of three in different heights for a table styling.


PC: Jarin Rehnaz

Merry gift boxes

A stack of those empty delivery boxes wrapped as colorful boxes in different sizes tied in pretty ribbons can be placed near your indoor plants' cluster, your wall tree, or bookish tree or even placed on a bench along with cushions.

Twist to regular items

Decor the photo frames with ribbons and ornaments. DIY the 'JOY' sign to three wine bottles. Wrap those cans and cookie jars with Christmassy ribbons. Put check fabric, tinsel, or garland on an embroidery hoop and use it as wall decor.


PC: Jarin Rehnaz

Hope this festive season will bring good luck, good health, and happiness to you and your family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

Jarin shares simple and easy home decor and styling on her Instagram @jarinrehnaz15.

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