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Christmas party

From velvets, shimmer and of course red and white, here are some looks that you can try out for your upcoming Christmas party.

If there is one major stress that is on top of everyone's mind right now, it is finding the right outfit for the Christmas party that you have been waiting to attend for more than a year. Considering the last one was all on Zoom with you dressing up only from the waist up and trying to fulfill the feel of an actual party, this year's is going to be crazy. We don't spend time on anything other than deciding on what outfit to wear because girl, everyone knows no matter how bad the party is, your fit has to slay.

We know you might have gone through your wardrobe like a thousand times and still ended up without the perfect outfit for the party. While some of you may have planned it beforehand and bought a new one for yourself, we know there are many who waited for the last-minute with online shopping not being an option. That is when research and hours of scrolling through influencers' page come in handy. They always have ideas on how one can mismatch and assemble an outfit with different pieces from your wardrobe to give you a bomb outfit. And to make your last resort easier, we collated a list of outfit ideas from our influencers that can inspire your final Christmas party look.

Take a look:

Mrunu: You don't need a reason to dress like the Indian princess that you are, but now you have one. So go for it

Sakshi Sidhwani: You know if you dig deep enough your wardrobe you can find your perfect last-minute outfit that don't look like one

Siddharth Batra: There is no such thing that too much. So guys, say yes to accessories

Komal Pandey: You can never go wrong with a saree, NEVER!

Diipa Khosla: Get 'em shimmering, cause the brightest star in the party should be you

Deeksha Khurana: Black can always save the day

Ankush Bahuguna: Every princess needs a prince charming

Hope these give you ideas on what your outfit can look like! Merry Christmas!

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