Be winter ready with this list of winter fashion staples, inspired by our fashion influencers with things that should own a place in your wardrode.

‘The weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful.’ It’s officially the season of hot chocolate, cute oversized sweaters, and cuddles. Everything becomes merry, joyful, and vanilla-like in December. It also happens to be one season that every Mumbaikar is deprived of. But we can always find ways to get into the December spirit. And dressing up in layers or rocking that cute sweater you cannot have enough of, is it. While the whole ‘it’s not that cold in Mumbai’ debate will live on forever, we cannot miss out on the hottest topic of the season, aka winter fashion. Every creator knows that there are certain winter fashion staples that everyone should have in their wardrobes if they want to truly experience this season.

It’s all about layering, covering, and dressing smart so you can keep yourself warm throughout the month. Contrary to popular belief, layering is an art and our fashion bloggers have these skills to make multiple layers look appealing! They show us tips and tricks on how one can be warm and still look like a million bucks during winters. Because no matter what the season is, you can always be ready for the ‘gram. With the help of our fashion influencers, we made a list of various winter fashion staples your wardrobe needs!

Check them out!

Turtle necks

Knee-high boots


Pants, leggings, or stockings

Faux leather



Puffer jacket

So, how do you plan on pairing your winter fit? Share your ideas with us on @socialketchup

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