Valentine’s is here and we’ve been feeling the butterflies all day, so here’s a list of underrated songs for your S.O.

The season of love is here and so is our urge to listen to love songs and feel good about our love life. It is bizarre how music can change your mood and no matter where you are feelings wise, you just feel elevated. Even when you can’t find the right words to confess something to someone or how much they mean to you, music often strings together lyrics into a form of poetry that perfectly captures our feelings. That is what Valentine’s Day is for!

The day is about showing your partner how much they mean to you and what it takes to elevate them with your love. Whether it’s giving gifts, giving a handwritten note or even to dedicate a love song to them, Valentine’s Day is really that time of year where we all fall in love with our SO all over again. From heartfelt ballads to songs with the sweetest melodies, these songs will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So get ready to ask your crush to be your Valentine today. Dance and sing along to some of these love tracks that they will definitely be obsessed with. Here are some love songs that are perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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Here’s the list of severely underrated love songs!

Little Bit More – Suriel Hess

Behind the Sky – Anika

This Love – Davichi

Windows – Tayla Parx

Tu Aisa Kaisa Hai – Osho Jain

Jaane Kya Hote – Rahul Bhardwaj

Khabar-e-Tahayyur-e-Ishq – Ali Sethi 

Din Dhalay – Bayaan

Kya Karein – Aditya Rikhari

Aabhas Ha – Rahul Vaidya

I Guess I’m in Love – Clinton Kane

Last First Kiss – Abe Parker

Home – Catie Turner

Talk to me – Cavetown

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