Every person has the liberty to speak about whatever they want, but surfers on Twitter are here to say a few things that one has the liberty to say but #NobodyWantsToHear

Ever feel like punching someone in the face when they wouldn’t stop boasting about their new workout or when they chew loudly(louder than Tyrannosaurus eating a whole human) or when they won’t stop ranting about their ex or drooling on their pets, you are not alone. In fact, there are so many we could form a cult.

People stating obvious things and giving obvious answers(which the prober was not looking for) are obviously in the list besides others.

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*When a person is babbling about how they are the next up & coming influencer with followers that are about to increase with another k*
Me: K.

Few people need to understand that they can do whatever the fork they want, until and unless they aren’t going to chatter about it non-stop until the sun rises from west and cold coffee starts pouring from the clouds.

If it were up to me, the listicle would’ve been (way)longer.

If you are a victim of such jabbers, there are others. If you’re the big mouth, read this article again and avoid talking about these things because these are the things #NobodyWantsToHear.

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Paawan Sunam, a wordsmith by profession who likes art, Beatles, coffee, DiCaprio and Eminem brings a fresh perspective contrary to existing perceptions and believes in questioning everything, also has a belief that there should be a bigger place in the world for words and not war. He prefers the phenomena of the physical world of plants and animals(especially dogs) over possessions. Reckons moving to the rhythm and moving on.