15 crime thrillers you can watch if you liked Gumraah

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15 crime thrillers you can watch if you liked Gumraah

Did Gumraah give you some much needed adrenaline rush? These crime thrillers might make you feel the same way!

We get sucked into any kinda drama that takes place in our surroundings because it's entertaining as hell and that kind of applies to crime thrillers as well. From the mind-bending plot to crime chase scenes, crime thriller fans lap up each twist and turn in these films. Very few thriller movies have the ability to keep one captivated throughout the movie and shock us with the plot towards the end. While the climax is usually the best part of any movie climax scenes in crime thrillers hold a lot more importance in terms of closure. Movies like Gumraah will keep you hooked to the screens, so much so that you’d be afraid to blink.

The recently released Gumraah is about a crime scene and how the police officers try to solve this murder mystery. While they're on it, there's a change in series of events and the prime suspect turns out to have a doppelganger which leads to tons of chaos. Gumraah will leave you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, and not once does it get boring or reach the point where you start to lose interest. The story itself is intriguing and has enough depth to keep you invested throughout the film.

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If you like films and TV shows where suspense is front and center, then you're going to love these suggestions!

Mrs. Serial Killer (Netflix)

When a doctor is arrested for a series of murders, his wife decides to take revenge by rubber pasting a crime to prove his innocence.

Death on a Nile (Disney+ Hotstar)

A perfect couple's pleasant and sweet honeymoon gets interrupted and turns into a terrifying search for a murderer.

Ittefaq (Netflix)

A story of a double murder where an acclaimed writer and a young homemaker become prime suspects of the case.

Monica, O My Darling (Netflix)

A perfect fame chase murder mystery that gets wicked and is pulled off with poise.

Duranga (ZEE5)

While trying to solve a case of multiple murders, the protagonist discovers some revelations about her husband's twisted past.

Forensic (ZEE5)

A female officer along with a forensic officer goes on a mission to unravel the truth of little girls disappearing from a small town in Mussoorie.

Play Dead (Prime Video)

A woman fakes her own death, breaks into the morgue to find out that the medical examiner is involved in some twisted business with some dirty people in the industry.

Unlocked (Netflix)

When a woman's phone get stolen, her life takes an unusual turn after a dangerous man uses her lost phone to track her every move.

Haseena Parkar (ZEE5)

After the bomb blast in 1993, Dawood escapes to Dubai and now it's up to his sister, Haseena to clear his mess and rise to power in the underworld.

Knives Out (Netflix)

When the eldest member of the family dies, his entire family becomes a suspect. Detective Blanc tries to unravel all the truths and the lie.

Hacked (ZEE5)

The protagonist's boyfriend doesn't treat her well so she goes into a lust affair with her neighbor but things go south when she rebuffs his love and hacks everything and makes her life a living hell.

Only Murders in the Building (Hulu)

The story is about three true crime podcast fans who team up to solve a crime mystery in the apartment building they live in.

I Care a Lot (Netflix)

The movie follows a lesbian con woman whose life lands in hot water after trying to bamboozle a woman who has ties with a gangster.

Aarya (Disney+ Hotstar)

A caring mother and a loving wife's life goes south when she becomes aware of the illegal business her husband has been dipping his hands into for years. Things get even worse when her husband is mysteriously killed.

Hit: The First Case (Netflix)

When a girl mysteriously disappears, police officer Vikrant who is already dealing with his past trauma gives his life and time to solve the case.

Which of these are you planning to add to your watchlist? Let us know in the comments below!

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