These 5 thrillers web series are an absolute must on your watchlist!

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Aug 26, 2022 13:53 IST
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If you love watching thriller web series that constantly keep you on the edge then you simply cannot miss out on these!

We are all captivated by the obsessive need to analyze broken behavioral patterns and enjoy an adrenaline rush through the twists and turns of thriller web series. Thrillers have become one of the most popular genres and after all, who does not enjoy the delightful suspense, the gut-wrenching fear of what's going to happen next, and the wonderful feeling of a surprise twist you never saw coming? Going inside the heads of characters who are downright evil, or at best morally ambiguous, is a thrilling adventure in itself!

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Here is your chance to enjoy all the adrenaline flow so be prepared and hold on to the edge of your seats as we've put together a list of mind-bending thriller shows for you!

Asur - Voot Select

One of India's most eminent web series, Asur is the perfect mix of crime solving that will gauge your eyeballs away. The story anticipates a forensic investigator who along with his mentor at the Central Bureau of Investigation track down a serial killer. Thoughtfully written, Asur never goes overboard with the storyline and is extremely realistic which significantly adds to the experience. The makers have given a teaser of S2 which is believed to be launched later this year.

Delhi Crime - Netflix

Following the police force, as they investigate high-profile crimes in Delhi, this series has seasons inspired by both real and fictional events. The series has an IMDB rating of 8.5 and a strong cast with the likes of Shefali Shah, Rasika Duggal, Yashaswini, Dayama, Adil Hussain, and others.

London Files - Voot Select

This six-part show stars Arjun Rampal, and Purab Kohli in the leads, with Gopal Datt, Sapna Pabbi, Medha Rana, Sagar Arya, and Eva Jane Willis in pivotal roles. The show follows the story of detective Om Singh uncovering secrets and lies in the underbelly of London, as he works to find the missing daughter of media mogul Amar Roy. Political divides, personal torments, and dark mysteries together make up for the thriller that is London Files.

Criminal Justice 3- Disney+Hotstar

Pankaj Tripathi reprises the role of the witty lawyer Madhav Mishra in the third season of the crime-legal thriller. In the new season, Mishra questions the judiciary system and its limits. According to reports, season 3 focuses on juvenile justice. The series also features Shweta Basu Prasad, Swastika Mukherjee, and Purab Kohli.

Duranga - ZEE5

An adaption of the popular Korean series Flower of Evil, the show stars Gulshan Devaiah and Drashti Dhami in lead roles. Duranga, meaning dual-faced, revolves around the story of a murder accused, living under the garb of a perfect family man, husband, and father.


Which of these thriller web series are you excited to watch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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