These Mostly Sane videos are all you need to get rid of that frown!

We’re all constantly stressed, aren’t we? Jobs, careers, relatives, relationships, equal rights, climate change, and so many other things are constantly on our minds. We’re thriving, evolving and yet sometimes it feels like all we’re really doing it pushing ourselves too hard and burning ourselves out. This is why we need a break, no, constant breaks to give our minds the time to unwind and in pure K3G style, ‘Take a chill pill’. There are a lot of things that help us unwind, one of the most accessible and effective being humourous and relatable content. While there are numerous content creators you could lean towards for it, Mostly Sane is someone who always manages to get the relatable factor on point. And that’s exactly why we’ve gone through all her videos (For you! Not because we enjoyed watching them or anything.) We picked out Mostly Sane’s most entertaining and relatable videos for the times you are bored, upset, annoyed, tired or need a good laugh.

Check out these 15 Mostly Sane videos that are relatable AF:

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