15 Movies that will always be debated as Holiday movies

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Holiday movies

You 'better not pout' at this list of non-Christmas Christmas movies that will always be debated before it makes to the Holiday movie watch list.

Christmas is not only the time to get together with family and have all the desserts and gifts you can. It is also the time when you snuggle up in your bed and enjoy some of the most classic movies. Movies have the ability to make it to all celebrations giving everyone a reason to be together and enjoy the story. Having your own list of Holiday movies is something that is unique but also familiar to everyone around the world. These movies have become part of the Christmas tradition and are just hard for anyone celebrating the festivities of the season to not re-visit and enjoy them.

Holiday movies can be an equally controversial topic like wanting our kids to click a picture while they sit on a strange old man's lap in the mall. Everyone has their own opinion about it. Among all the eggnog's and mistletoes of the world, we love to watch a kid being left behind by his family during Christmas while he has his own celebration alone. Not to forget watching the green Gritch sass everyone that is 10 times more exciting than Santa himself. But there are also movies that do not qualify as traditional Christmas movies but have a storyline that can easily be considered when making your holiday watch list. These movies are great and can be called the non-Christmas Christmas movie.

Here's the list:

Harry Potter movies

Die Hard

Edward Scissorhands

Mean Girls

Lethal Weapon

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Eyes Wide Shut


Trading Places


Catch Me If You Can

Batman Returns 1992

Iron Man 3


Considering how the events of the whole season happen during Clint's Christmas break, it can be considered a new addition to this list.

Which is your favourite non-Christmas, Christmas movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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