15 popular criminals from TV shows who we all love to hate

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Criminals from shows

These criminals from TV shows must be charged for making us all fall in love with them. They're that good at playing their part!

Our love for TV shows is driven by how well the story is written because any compelling story can make us love and hate a character. And characters are undoubtedly the most integral part of any story. Giving each character their own specific characteristics only adds more meat to what the writer wants to convey. It's a universally known fact that for any character to become more lovable, there has to be a very well-written villain. Sometimes though these villains themselves become the central character.

People have a close intrigue to watch crime documentaries and learn about the how, why and what makes a person behave in the most heinous way possible. This intrigue has only encouraged creators to make TV shows with characters who are no longer black or white. We find these characters in a grey area, making us hate or love them. Each of us watching these TV shows clearly is aware of why a particular character is wrong but we still love watching them on screen. Our love for them is not for the crimes that they commit but for their larger-than-life personalities. Even though they're committing crimes, they have their own style. After a point, we try to vouch for them while there are the 'good' guys trying to do the right thing.

Have we included your favourite criminals here? Check it out for yourself!

Gaitonde - Sacred Games

Hannibal Lecter - Hannibal

Doug Judy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Vishal Tyagi - Pataal Lok

The Professor - Money Heist


Kaleen Bhaiya - Mirzapur

Elliot Alderson - Mr Robot

Norman Bates - Bates Motel

Moriarty - Sherlock Holmes

Villanelle - Killing Eve

Joe Goldberg - You

Moritz Zimmermann - How To Sell Drug Online (Fast)

Zemo - The Falcon and The Winter Soldier


Thomas Shelby - Peaky Blinders

Raymond Reddington - The Blacklist

Which of these popular criminals from TV shows are you a fan of? Let us know below.

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