Cruella the oldest supervillain gets a sympathetic fashionable makeover

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Cruella on Disney+ Hotstar gives the classic supervillain a sympathetic and fashionable makeover but in a familial Disney style.

“Don’t worry, we’re just getting started. There’s lots more bad things coming, I promise,” says Cruella while starting narration to her story. Giving the oldest classic supervillains a storyline of their own has become quite the trend and popular narrative these days. While these characters do offer a chance of deep-diving into the darkest corners of humans possibly that is otherwise unexplored yet they also tend to offer a sympathetic hand towards the greatest supervillain. Disney's Cruella is one such movie that gives a sympathetic fashionable makeover to the classic quite horrific supervillain who kills puppies (Dialmations) for fashion yet it does so in a very Disney familial style.

Directed by Craig Gillespie the film attempts of telling the origin story of this supervillain by dwelling on too many things at once. It becomes a fashion film resonating The Devil Wears Parada then it becomes a heist film with revenge best served and even a feminist film as well. Don't get it wrong, though it does justice to being all such films it's taking on too many things altogether diverts it in and out of being an origin story. Set in London in the 70s, the film starts off quite in a cliche yet interestingly believable manner with the childhood of Cruella who is actually Estella. She faces bullies, is quite a talented fashionista but different than most considering her half black and white hair hence the society doesn't welcome her. In a series of events further, her mother is killed and Estella ends up living a life of pickpocketing with her two partners in crime Horace and Jasper. But her heart is set on fashion and somehow after quite a cinemaisque struggle, she ends up working for a top brand at the time, The Baroness. While working with the Baroness she discovers a betrayal and hence the story of revenge and transformation into her alter ego Cruella ensues.

The film is filled with gala's, ramp walks, fashionable parties, and unimaginable dresses of gold and garbage bags. Fashion is not an accessory to this film but rather the main protagonist. What truly enhances, and honesty salvages its screenplay is the film's production, cast, costumes, and memorable dialogues. It's a breathtakingly beautiful film with each setting so creatively developed that you wouldn't be able to take your eyes off. What further enhances it to the next level is the background music and the dead-on-point accented narration of Emma Stone. The two Emma's have given quite a commendable performance as being Cruella and the Baroness. Each stare, pause, glance, walk, even a brow lift is articulately calculated and near-perfect by Emma Stone and Emma Thompson. And even their supporting cast including Joel Fry, Paul Walter, Hauser, Mark Strong makes a strong case for their characters.

In all and all this film with all its fantabulously breathtaking fashion, cinematography, production, acting, and even animals uplift the film from the paper but make into a great sympathetic fashionable makeover of a classic supervillain. But as for the origin story of Cruella, there was an attempt at it but there was more space that was left unexplored.

But enough from us let's see what the Janta is saying about the film!

The Baroness referring to the fight Cruella has ensued with her says at one point, "she made it about her and me" and the film is truly that. It's actually fun to watch the two Emma's have a fashionable go at each other but somewhere it made the origin story of Cruella a laughing point. Well, what did you think about the film or still waiting to watch it yet? Do tell your thoughts in the comments below!

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