Kuruthi on Amazon Prime Video is an honest study of today's society

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Kuruthi packs a minute study of the philosophy behind today's society in this home invasion cum action thriller.

Kuruthi starts with quite a silent journey with just sounds of the surrounding. You can see the characters interacting with each other and it takes you a while to understand the relationships because of the deliberate disorientation in that scene. But slowly you start to make head and tail of things. Ibrahim (Rohsan Matthew) lives in quite a forested isolated area with his father Moosa (Mamukkoya), and his brother, Rasool (Naslen K Gafoor). Their neighbor Sumathi (Srinda) and her brother, Preman (Manikandan Achari) help them out as Ibru's family suffered a horrific loss and is still struggling with sadness and resentment.

The bang comes when their quiet lives away from the world are disrupted with the entry of an injured police officer (Murali Gopy) who barges in with a man accused of murder, in handcuffs. The accused is a Hindu extremist who's charged with the murder of an old Muslim man. While Ibru and his family are trying to make sense of this home invasion, a Muslim extremist, Laiq (Prithviraj Sukumaran) enters because he has vowed to kill him. And when an isolated world balancing peace within itself is pitted against reality, the layers start to peel off and what has festered inside starts to rise up to the surface.


Kuruthi in Malayalam means “the holy slaughter” and with that in mind, this film in its two-hour course slaughters relationships, an ancestral home, notions of religion, faith, and of course, human beings. Though throughout the film both ideologies of Hindu and Muslim are pitted against each other, yet the film never ends up promoting one over the other or choosing a side between the two. The film with its ideological clash asks a very important question about what will you do if you are pitted against such ideologies? It's easy to sit in our homes and debate about all of this but when faced with such a reality what would we choose?

Anish Pallyal with his screenplay and Manu Warrier with his direction have constructed the film so tightly with metaphors, expositions, play with silence, and background scores that it holds your attention until the end. The cinematography and editing by Abhinadhan Ramanujan and Akhilesh Mohan make sure that the tight location doesn't bring out repetitive visuals and the tension is maintained throughout. What uplifts the film, even more, is the performances given by each of these actors. Roshan Matthew is a pure gem as an innocent man having doubts in his faith, he struggles to do the right things while Prithviraj Sukumaran comes in full stride embodying an ideology as a person. Others like Srinda, Mamukkoya, Murali Gopy, Naslen K Gafoor shine out through their layers. In a very Inglourious Basterds style, this film focuses your attention towards the reality of our society today warped with religion, faith, and ideologies and what happens when you are pitted against them.

But enough from us let's see what the Janta is saying about the film!

This film is filled with meaningful reiterating dialogues even though the scene is pretty explanatory in itself yet it will leave something with you. Directed by Manu Warrier, Written by: Anish Pallyal, Cinematography by: Abhinadhan Ramanujan, Edited by: Akhilesh Mohan. Includes cast like Roshan Mathew, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Murali Gopy, Shine Tom Chacko, Srindaa, Mammukoya, and more. Kuruthi, a home invasion that quickly turns into an action thriller is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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