Friday Streaming - Beckett on Netflix leaves you with one too many why's

Shachi Lavingia
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Directed by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino, Beckett is about political agendas, conspiracies and incredulous last-minute heroics.

A film that leaves you confused from start to end, Beckett is a man on the run thriller that circles around the politics in Greece.

Cast - John David Washington plays the role of Beckett and Alicia Vikander plays the role of his girlfriend, April. There's zero chemistry between the two, making it look like Beckett is barely interested. There's no backstory given to the couple and their relationship is poorly portrayed. This film doesn't give us any insight into either of these characters and their stories prior to the incident.

Storyline - This movie starts with an American couple, Beckett and April vacationing in Athens, where they learn that a massive protest is about to take place. They decide to move to a more remote location and halfway through their journey, Beckett falls asleep behind the wheel and they meet with a terrible accident where they crash into a house and Beckett sees someone he shouldn't have. He directly wakes up in a hospital and asks around for April. The language barrier makes it difficult for Beckett and the hospital staff to communicate and before you know it, he's being interrogated by the cops in broken English. Once he's allowed to leave, he goes back to the scene of the crime to make sense of it all and gets shot at by a cop. From then on, he's the target of a manhunt and neither Beckett nor the audience knows why until the end of the film.

What the trailer here!

What I liked - The language barrier issue is covered well in this film. The audience is almost as helpless as Beckett given the lack of translation which helps us understand his plight.

What I didn't quite like - For a movie that touches upon international politics, kidnapping, corrupt government officials, a manhunt, and political conspiracies, Beckett is unable to do justice to any of it. it's so hard to understand the larger political conflict in this film given how it isn't even briefly mentioned. It appears as if Beckett is neck-deep in conspiracy throughout the film and you're constantly waiting for something to make sense but the movie has a very anti-climatic and frustrating end. Even the action scene where he jumped off the building onto a moving car felt so out of place. This movie lacks urgency.

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