20 Katrina Kaif outfits that prove she owns EVERY LOOK!

Mansi Mirani
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Katrina Kaif outfits

Katrina Kaif has turned 35 today and she does not look a day older than 25! She came in 2003 with a BOOM(literally!) and has ruled hearts since then. After all, she is beautiful, humble and smart. A complete package!

In her successful Bollywood career of 15 years, she has received mixed critics when it comes to acting. However, the one thing no one has ever questioned is her amazing sense of style! We have put together the best of her looks (which was very difficult since she looks GREAT in everything!). We’re sure you’re gonna love them and run shopping after looking at them!

Get ready to see some of the best Katrina Kaif outfits!

1. She manages to shine more than the lehenga!

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2. Only Kat can turn a formal shirt to a casual look.

3. Dabangg tour’s BANG!

4. We are LOVING that skirt!

5. Biker chic look on point!

6. Basic+Katrina= Glamorous

7. Perfect gym doesn’t exis--

8. That nosepin though –WOW!

9. GOT? The dragons would melt by this sizzling look!

10. IIFA sure got a lot of glamour from her.

11. Simple yet stunning, that’s Katrina Kaif for you.

12. WHOA!

13. Is it just me or did the temperature just go up?

14. She looks like a pretty mermaid, doesn’t she?

15. She’s just glowing!


17. Pretty as a picture *heart eyes*

18. How do you spell beautiful? K.A.T.R.I.N.A.

19. Grey never looked brighter.

20. Messy hair, don’t care!

Katrina Kaif is the queen of a million hearts and we can see why! We hope she keeps being the style diva that she is and keeps entertaining her fans. Happy Birthday Kat!

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