25 years of Karan Arjun: Life situations that require Karan Arjun level of over-reactions

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25 years of Karan Arjun

As we celebrate 25 years of Karan Arjun, check out these life situations where we wanted to react in classic Karan Arjun style.

Even after 25 years, "Mere Karan Arjun aayenge" remains to be one of the most iconic movie dialogues. The perfect Bollywood masala movie talking of brothers' bond, death, incarnation, goons, lachar maa, and a lot-of-over the top acting and scenes that we look back and laugh at. Everything about this movie is questionable in this era, but the fact that Salman Khan and Shah Ruk Khan played brothers and shared screen space will always excite us. And every time they come together, 'Yeh bandan toh pyaar ka bandan hai..' will play in the backdrop. As we celebrate 25 years of Karan Arjun, we have listed down all the situations in life that need Karan Arjun level of over-reaction.

Check them out:

When the most boring person in your group gets more action than others: 'Zindagi mein joh hota hai woh socha nahi hota ... aur joh socha jata hai woh kabhi hota nahi ... aur joh kabhi nahi hota, woh kabhi kabhi ho jata hai'

Every Monday when you almost quit work: 'Daulat se insaan keemti bistar khareed sakta hai, magar neend nahi khareed sakta ... daulat se insaan roti khareed sakta hai, magar bhook nahi ... daulat se insaan jism khareed sakta hai, magar sacha pyar nahi khareed sakta'

Me to my best friend: 'Main toh samajhta tha ki duniya mein mujhse badkar kamina aur koi nahi hai ... lekin tumne end mauke par aaisa kaminapan dikhaya hai ... ki hum tumhare kaminepan ke ghulam ho gaye hai'

When you meet your sister's boyfriend for the first time: 'Aaisi maut maroonga is kamine ko ... ki bhagwan yeh punar janam waala system hi khatam kar dega' 

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After every bad Tinder date: 'Pyar mein jab tak maut se na khelo ... milne waali zindagi ka mazaa nahi aata'

Every creep ever: 'Kiss gaalon pe nahi ... hoton pe kiya jata hai'

When the younger sibling finally loses it: 'Khoon ki Holi khelne waale, aaj main dekhti hoon ... khoon kiska behta hai aur laashein kiski girti hai' 

Waiting for your Zomato and Swiggy delivery guys: 'Mere bete aayenge, mere Karan Arjun aayenge ... zameen ki chaati phad ke aayenge, aasman ka seena cheer ke aayenge'

Galli ki aunty Slut-shaming girls for being late:

When Mumbaikars are about to board a Dadar local: 

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