26 July: The day every year Mumbaikars get chills remembering the dreadful calamity

Mansi Mirani
Jul 26, 2019 13:42 IST
26 July

14 years ago today, Mumbai received an unbelievable measure of 944 mm of rainfall. People were stuck across the city for hours at a stretch with no food, electricity, or an alternative to reach homes. It is still dreaded and weirdly, every year since then, Mumbai experiences a heavy rain shower on this day.-

Even today, the unfortunate experiences of 26 July send shivers down Mumbaikars’ spines. And even more sad is the fact that over 1000 people did not survive to tell their tales. There were countless people who were badly injured as well.

Even now, when it rains heavily every year on this date, Mumbaikars pray that the history doesn't repeat itself.

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It is sad that even after that terrifying day, the water logging is still a big problem for the city every year, and no concrete actions are being taken to rectify it.

Mumbai, it is an earnest request on our behalf to stay safe today and during the entire monsoon. We definitely do not want to hear such stories again.

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